Why the women accessories market is profitable business?



Sales of women's accessories increased by 2.6% worldwide in 2014 according to statistics.


   The basis of the sales made at the same scarves (growth - 8.1%) and bags (growth - 10.6%).

In general, sales growth is observed in all categories of the market. 



The need is consistently high for scarves, gloves and other accessories, despite fluctuations in the economy, so sales of women's accessories are growing worldwide.


The bijouterie market is growing by 30-40% per year steadily according to experts in recent years. The fastest growing segment is the hair accessories. However the bijouterie market is not saturated yet in general and barriers to entry are low in the industry.


Even today bijouterie market is estimated at $ 2 billion and given that it is still far from saturation.  It is not surprising that many analysts believe bijouterie business is one of the most promising areas for start.


The demand for bijouterie is always there.

Women love jewelry, they are so nice to treat yourself by a new accessories. But to buy expensive jewelry often is expensive and jewelry is the perfect solution - cheap and nice. Often bijouterie is a commodity of impulsive demand: saw the beautifully decorated shop, went, liked the cute beads and bought it. The demand for bijouterie is always there.

Original bijouterie will be always in demand among women. They can be beneficial to emphasize the beautiful hair, delicate wrists, swan neck, slender fingers, tasteful outfit, and exclusive handmade products are valued doubly by customers.

СSDesignCompany offers a range of high quality accessories at the best prices in the market.

If you are an entrepreneur, or you are looking for a new business, or you are just starting your own business, the sale of high-quality and fashionable accessories would be interesting and profitable activity.

So, your goal is to find a producer who will

- provide quality and modern design assortment,

-      -     follow the fashion trends and have demand from consumers,

-         - provide low prices,

-   - provide information support.

so you will be able to lead a profitable and successful business.

 СSDesignCompany can help you with this. An innovative business model offered by СSDesignCompany is based on the principle of direct deliveries from producers directly to consumers. СSDesignCompany cooperates with thousands of manufacturers and suppliers from around the world, offering more twenty millions of different products. 

We know exactly what products need for our customer and what is a hit of sales according to  years of experience in sales of our partners, including our own retail network, where we have feedback from the consumers. We study and analyze market trends and pricing seriously, regularly update and supplement our range.


We use the findings of leading manufacturers in our work from around the world, which allows us to produce accessories for the different market segments, from inexpensive to luxury. All factories have quite strong manufacturing capacities and equipped with modern sewing equipment. Products comply with sanitary requirements.


Using high quality materials and modern technologies allow manufacturers to install on their products low prices to satisfy the needs not only of the end users, but the owners of online stores and large wholesalers.


СSDesignCompany offers a wide range of handbags, jewelry, belts, purses, hats, watches, gloves, glasses of high quality at the best prices in the market.


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