Useful devices for the peace of parents mind. 

new devices for BabyBoom



 The first few weeks with your newborn are often the toughest.


The slightest sound of discomfort from your baby can result in you lying awake for hours next to the crib listening for their breathing.




Manufacturers of modern household appliances create useful devices for newborn babies to alleviate the plight of the parents.



Here are some of the latest developments:



This is 24-hour temperature monitor in the shape of a patch that can be stuck under the arm of your baby or child. It wirelessly transmits data via Bluetooth to your iPhone or Android smartphone. The app provides you with a graph of your child's temperature and allows you to note when they eat, drink, batheor ake medicine. You can easily chare this data with your doctor and recieve alerts when there are potentially dangerous temperature changes.



Baby Gigl


Now, instead of your mother-in-law telling you that you’re holding it wrong, the bottle itself can tell you. This baby bottle tracks your baby’s milk consumption and sends the data to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It also has an inclinometer built-in that lights up guiding arrows on the side to help you find the optimal angle for the bottle. The idea is to prevent your baby from swallowing air bubbles which can lead to gas or colic and sleepless nights.

The two pretty solutions called MonBaby and Sproutling with applications for smartphones will help keep peace in mind of parents.



MonBaby is a smart button that you can attach to your baby’s onesie and it sends a real-time update of their breathing pattern, movement, and sleeping position to your iPhone or Android phone. 

MonBaby uses Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone. It takes a standard coin cell battery that will last two months.




You can also set up alarms in the app, so you’ll know when your baby wakes up, stops breathing, rolls onto his or her stomach, is removed from the crib, or fall. Their sleeping patterns are plotted on a chart in the app, so you can also identify common periods of restlessness and waking.





Sproutling offers a very similar monitoring device that’s designed to strap around your baby’s ankle.


Which of those devices do you like the most?


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