Sustainable cosmetic packaging

Design of packaging for SOU cosmetic
Design of sustainable cosmetic packaging

Shaped like a droplet of water, Natura SOU packaging also allows you to squeeze and slide out every last drop so that not a pinch is wasted.


It is challenge to develop a new product focused on mass market for the offering a high-quality product with affordable price. 


You need to analyze and participate in all stages of the process: the naming, the packaging, formulation, business model, distribution, manufacturing, etc.


The design studio Questto No from Brazil had tried and achieved good result for liquid soap Sou when created packaging for it.



Eco-friendly consumables


They researched not only the sales process, but the product itself and how people dealt with product packaging.



Team of designers together with Natura’s contracting authority tested several scenarios virtually and physically. They made financial analysis and environmental impact, performed new testes and different mockups. The designers from Questto No Design looked forward to new production technologies, while market researches were conducted to identify trends of habits and usage of target consumers.



It was very important to optimize distribution and production.  Thus it was necessary to immerse into not only the packaging world but also into technologies from other industries such as beverages and cars. The project also encompassed a creative integration of product, logistics, business and services by testing several possible scenarios.


More benefits at less cost


Natura Sou uses 70% less plastic than conventional packaging. It is reduce impact throughout its entire life cycle. Production and logistics were simplified once a single-plant assembly line combined manufacturing and packaging. 

There is less wastage. All ‘Sou’ products can be used until the last drop. The package of it can be highly compacted, generating a smaller volume of residue. 



Following the release of ‘Sou’ line, the value of Natura’s shares increased by 5%. The line redefined the cosmetic packaging concept. 


The project received several awards: IF Design 2013, Brasil Design Award for ‘Best Project of the Year’, among others.



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