Honey concept. Feel the nature, feel the form.

Creative ideas from CSDesign to design intresting packaging. Honey Concept.
Honey Concept


Thyself nature cherishes their creations, creating an immaculate and unique envelops.


Using this source, you always can find a variety of variants to create harmonious, gorgeous and interesting packages.



By this source used designer Maxim Arbuzov when creating honeycomb packaging for honey.

Concept work for honey packaging.


Natural forms are the best way to show the naturalness of product. You need only to recognize the form in order to understand what’s inside of the package. The design is simple and uncluttered to show off the clean and clear product.

Russian designer Maksim Arbuzov created this gorgeous honey packaging concept inspired by the simple 

geometric forms of honeycombs.

Why honecombs form is so intresting?

Honeybees are some of nature’s finest mathematicians. Not only can they calculate angles and comprehend the roundness of the earth, these smart insects build and live in one of the most mathematically efficient architectural designs around: the beehive. Zack Patterson and Andy Peterson delve into the very smart geometry behind the honeybee’s home.

What kind of nature form can inspire you?

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