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New collections of sunglasses are created in the fashion world every summer season, focusing in which you can complete an image and make your current style unique and unrepeatable.

Eye protection from sunlight is important in all seasons but all are traditionally prepared for it to the summer period.

Sunglasses - an integral part of the lifestyle of many people as well, and as a component of their personal comfort. Of course, classics "spectacle" of fashion is always up to date - for example aviators. However, the designers come up with new trends each season or resurrect the old, but not forgotten.

Sunglasses sales are becoming more popular and profitable every year. Assortment of sold sunglasses is replenished every year, the demand for which has enormous size.

Sunglasses trade is always profitably. This business can bring quite a decent income and its popularity only increases with each season.

      Selling of glasses is becoming more popular and profitable each year. Assortment of selling glasses is replenished every year, the demand for which has enormous size.

It's always profitable to trade by sunglasses. This business can bring quite a decent income, and its popularity is increases with each season.

        Women's accessories worldwide sales increased by 2.6% in 2014 according to statistics.

The need in accessories is consistently high, despite fluctuations in the economy, so sales of women's accessories are growing worldwide.The market has been steadily growing by 30-40% a year in recent years according to expert estimate.


        You will find in our article answers to questions about why women's accessories market is a profitable business, as well as a demand for accessories .


What you should know when choosing glasses.

Ability to protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation is the main parameter when choosing sunglasses. It does not depend on to what extent glass is dark at sunglasses. What matters is the level of protection from ultraviolet radiation. Quality sunglasses can completely protect your eyes from UV rays. Another characteristic of sunglasses is transmittance that affects the degree of darkening lenses. Determine the goals of using sunglasses when choosing their. After all, different kinds of sunglasses need for everyday wear or for the sun in the south. By Category filter distinguish five groups:

1.       Zero group - no tinted glasses that protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation that filtering through the clouds in overcast conditions (light pass - 80-100%).

2.       In the first group - glasses, intended for the inactive sun (43-80%).

3.       For the sunny weather in the middle lane required is the second group (18-43%).

4.       With the active summer sun can not do without glasses, which belong to the third group dimming (8-18%).

5.       It is better to get sunglasses with the filter darken the fourth group (3-8%) for a holiday on the sea or ski resort, where the rays reflected from the surface of the water or snow. They are not recommended for drivers because of the high degree of dimming. It is best to use glasses second and third groups blackout for drivers.


Purchase of goods.

Further you should think about suppliers.

Dandies and ladies hunt for original accessories. Fashionable eyewear - an essential element of the image of stylish people. Therefore you have to offer the best!

СSDesignCompany cares to have in your assortment options were imaginative and classic, sports and business model, glasses for children and young people, for women and men when company buys sunglasses wholesale.

We can offer you a completely new ideas in the development of high-quality and stylish glasses.

So, your goal is to find a producer who

-          will provide quality and modern design assortment,

-          follows the fashion trends and have demand from consumers,

-          provides low prices,

-          provides information support.

so you will be able to lead a profitable and successful business.

 СSDesignCompany can help you with this. An innovative business model offered by СSDesignCompany is based on the principle of direct deliveries from producers directly to consumers. СSDesignCompany cooperates with thousands of manufacturers and suppliers from around the world, offering more twenty millions of different products. 

We know exactly what products need for our customer and what is a hit of sales according to  years of experience in sales of our partners, including our own retail network, where we have feedback from the consumers. We study and analyze market trends and pricing seriously, regularly update and supplement our range.

We use the findings of leading manufacturers in our work from around the world, which allows us to produce accessories for the different market segments, from inexpensive to luxury. All factories have quite strong manufacturing capacities and equipped with modern sewing equipment. Products comply with sanitary requirements. Read more:

A wide range of glasses - an important condition for success in business. A variety of colors and patterns, modern design, excellent quality glasses for men, women and children - therefore need to buy goods thoughtfully considering fashion trends and demand. It's dangerous to buy goods from unverified suppliers, their sales are not monitored and there is no guarantee that they block the ultraviolet. In this case, the pupil of the eye dilates and increases the risk for eye! Sunglasses - is not only a fashionable thing, but in the first place is protection of the eyes from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, what can influence of retinal damage occurs fundus, clouding of the lens from the blinding sunlight.

We in turn offer our customers only quality products with all the necessary certificates.

We focused on customer preferences when we choice of material for glasses (glass, plastic, metal). One thing is for sure, modern technologies allow to observe with according quality standards in the manufacture of any material. Sunglasses made from glass or plastic glasses can be quality and safe for the health of the eyes. A thin and lightweight metal frame is particularly relevant for sophisticated lovely lady.

Sunglasses should blend well with the image of the personality, to create their own unique style and create a sense of confidence and security, whatever which glasses will be chosen by their future owners. Points - is a special element of the image, since it is the only thing that is worn on the face. Glasses blind eye and therefore should be given special attention to their choice.

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