CSDesignCompany provides the full services cycle for producers of the mass products, retail and wholesale trade companies, chains of the hotels, restorants and cafes: from the design development  till the delivery of the completed products to the customers.



Determination of the clients needs.

Our professionals determine the individual needs of a client, taling into account the latest market trends for the particular segment of the goods and provide the final analisys.


Development of the product.

CSDesignCompany experts will offer different design options of the development of the new product (design, prototyping), offering the customer to realize their desires into reality with an optimal ratio price - quality - service.


Selection of the materials and raw.

Based on the developed design products, we will offer options of raw and materials, which are ideal for the production of the product and its packaging for transportation, storage and presentation for customers.


Placing into production.

The cooperation with factories from the Hong Kong, China, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey and Ukraine allows the CSDesignCompany  will place in production the products orders on the appropriate production with preservation of the quality and competetive advantages as well as optimization of the logistics component.


Searching of the ready goods.

Due to the long-term  expirience of our partners and cooperation with the factories from around the world, we also can find and ready goods for our clients at a profitable prices, controling production quality, safety and compliance with regulations and standarts.



We delivery anywhere in the world through our international partners.


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