CSDesignCompany collaborates with different companies - retailers, manufacturers of clothes, shoes, accessories, goods for children and teenagers, furniture and cosmetics, chain hotels and restaurants, providing a wide range of services ranging from new product development, branding, production control and delivery.


CSDesignCompany develops the goods design for the followings brands:

  • Liberty - clothes, shoes and accessories,
  • Twinkle -  brand of the decorative cosmetics and the care products of face and body,
  • WonderHouse - furniture and goods for decorative home and garden,
  • BabyBoom - goods for the pregnants,  babies and kids: clothes, shoes, cosmetics, furniture, toys and etc.
  • 8Crowms - long-term storag food,
  • MerryClean - household cleaning products for home and professional use,
  • Best2Friends - products for care animals. 

as well as the concept and design for a retail chain of interactive store Fast&Cheap.


In additional to the products design, CSDesignCompany also controls full range of services: from placcing orders in the appropriative productive capacities till the delivery products to the warehouses of retail chains, hotels and restaurants.

You can buy products that were developed by CSDesignCompany in the retail chains and in our online shop.


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