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 Decorative fashion keeps up with the latest trends in design and fashion industry.


 The bold combinations of a style variety, materials and colors allow you to create mood with the help of textile and decors, thanks to which you would like to return the interior again and again.


It is therefore not surprising that the famous fashion retailers offer their customers in addition to clothes, footwear and accessories, as well as a decent decoration for their homes.


Interior decoration today sometimes feels like one of those multiple-choice quizzes where every question has several possible answers. With so many different possibilities no wonder it sometimes seems easier to simply go for the safest option, no matter how visually satisfying that may be.





Rooms have always been self-portraits; there has never been a room anywhere in the world that didn't have something to say about its owner.

Sometimes the portrait is pleasurable, sometimes less so, but most of us, whether knowingly or not, will strive to ensure that the picture we paint in our own homes will be satisfying – to ourselves at the very least, if not to anybody else.


Since the late 19th century (which was around the time interested people with a certain talent and flair, both in Europe and America, starting writing books and give advertising others on how their houses should look), the art or science of interior decoration has become more and more absorbing to all those of us who have a space – any sort of space – that can be decorated.

During the 17th and 18th centuries taste was prescribed by architects and upholsterers, who dictated each detail of an entire scheme.

Today, our view is more eclectic.

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Modern designers and manufacturers complement decor items by new mood in accordance with the modern fashion, rhythm and style of life, rethinking the classical tradition of exquisite decorations.

You can create the mood in any room by using decorative light, textiles and decor.



ligh from WonderHouse

It is no exaggeration to say that lighting, in the abstract, is the most important element in all interior decoration.

The scheme can be perfect on paper – even perfect when you start to put it into place – but no matter how carefully you have thought it out and how painstakingly you have collected together all the right pieces, you will discover that all your little textural subtleties will be worth nothing unless they are properly lit.


While most of us have moved on from the single central ceiling light dangling unimaginatively from a flex, a central light fitting in chandelier or lantern form can be very effective when it’s used in the right place – over a dining table, for example, or in a bedroom or hallway.

Light sources can be completely invisible, thus creating the necessary atmosphere of comfort or can be deliberately volume contrary and  color adding mood or play the role of the art object for the premises.



Textiles are vitally important to the finish of a room.

They add texture, depth and interest and give a room an inherent comfort that cannot be archived through hard surface alone.

Material, when it is imaginatively and skillfully employed, can make a room outstanding. 


The way you cover a chair, sofa or bed affects everything about the piece of furniture.

With the right material and the right design you can enhance, spotlight, disguise, and unusual textiles can take a leading role here.

They can be used not just for curtains but as all manner of soft furnishing and decorative touches. 




You can quickly and easily add or change the mood in the interior with the help of these small decorative elements.

Cushions are an integral part of any decorative scheme. 



They can add necessary pattern and design to a room without overwhelming it.

But they are less successful when they are made in too strident or too aggressively fabric.

Small pieces can be centred as panels on toning background fabric, or made into a border on a plan material. 


Is it a chair, a table or a pillow? Pouf combines all these qualities. It is very lightweight, comfortable piece of furniture. Besides, it adds comfort to room, through a variety of colors of textiles, poufs are also very ergonomic and easy to reincarnate from one element to another.






Little things give such pleasure.

It’s those – the detail, rather than the large set pieces – that create the atmosphere in a room.

They can sit on easels on tables (small pictures only) or propped in a line on the floor against the wall or against the wall, but perhaps at shelf or table height.

They can be hung or propped on book shelves or screens.


Picture and frames.


It’s now widely recognized that where pictures are concerned, the frame is as important as its contents – particularly when the frame is original to the picture.

It’s important to think of wider landscape than just a wall; pictures and photos can and should be hung and displayed over a much wider variety of surfaces.

When hanging pictures in any room, think of the overall graphic effect rather than just the personal quality of each picture.




Mirrors, or looking glasses, are important in every room, not only for checking one’s reflection (although that is important), but because they add size as well as depth, and an air of mystery, opening unexpected vistas and reflections.

When considering how best to use mirrors in a decorative scheme, it’s instructive to look back to how they were used when rooms were lit in the evening by candlelight.

The combination of color, texture, and finish, which meld to express personality and taste, leave an individual imprint on a space. These accessories add not only character but also comfort to any premises.


Retailers of home accessories try to offer their customers interior solutions from textiles and light till small accessories in any style and for every season.

CSDesignCompany develops lines of all interior accessories from textile till accessories made from wood, metal, ceramics and glass.



We can offer not only the development of interior accessories, but also their implementation.

If you are a retailer or wholesaler, or decorator of restaurants and hotels, or want to start a line of interior accessories business, 

CSDesignCompany can offer you the  placement of orders for appropriate production facilities, convenient form of payment and delivery at the convinient place for you.



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