Design for kids nutrition

right nutrition
any work moves forward in a game form


If you strengthen a balanced diet with harmoniously designed objects, the benefits will be only increased.


After all, positive emotions are as important for a growing organism as vitamins and microelements.



And the aesthetic taste, soaked with mother's milk, cereals and carrot juice will make it easier to communicate with the outside world in the future, including the world of objects.

Engage toddlers with poor appetite

Breastmilk is truly the best nutrition a mom can provide her infant within the first 2 years of your little one’s life. Exclusive breastfeeding is ideal for the first 6 months of life after which appropriate complementary foods should be introduced whilst continuing breastfeeding. And to engage child into the new process of eating, will be more easier for him or her with intresting objects.



Dinner sets of shatterproof plates, cutlery and cups of various forms and colors will serve as a lure for children with poor appetite.

Play a game with breakfast

Feed Me makes eating fun!
Fun and useful


Deliver those mashed sweet potatoes with a friendly little face and watch Junior get engaged - Feed Me makes eating fun!


The durable plastic spoon snaps out for quick and easy cleanup.

Spoon and soft silicone face are PVC-free, BPA-free, and KID-safe.


It is also a wonderful way to the child to take the medicine.

tray for food and music
musical design plate


The kids are expecting noodles and veggies and you bring a tray music food, which can compose music.


If your child refuses to eat a particular food, this musical design plate will be the perfect gift for him.


And you forget about all whims during meals.

Children set of forks and spoons in the form of a hare and carrots perfectly help imagine any story and the child with pleasure will eat your food.


Experienced pedagogues know that any work moves forward faster and more successful in a game form. 

Love your children, play with them, and designers will help you find new ways to surprise them.


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