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A child's brain develops most intensively in the first year of his life
game and development

Psychologists affirm that the formation of people's tastes takes place in the first years of their life.

And the surrounding world of a child plays not the last role in such an important process.


A lot of designers accepted the challenge of humanity and now create objects that are able to become a worthy environment for the young generation in each moment of their life full of impressions. 

It's important to choose exactly what is suited for each child, because that is possible to correct the psychological state and behavior of children by color solutions and the way of filing their rooms.


Through the games they can be interested in comprehending the world around us.


 It is important not to forget about all aspects of children’s life in any age for their harmonious development.


Right Nutrition

If you strengthen a balanced diet with harmoniously designed objects, the benefits will be only increased.

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Active Pastime


Physical activity is a necessary condition for the development of the child's organism. The healthy passion for physical activity as well as the love for design inculcated from the childhood.  Read more


Necessary development


A child's brain develops most intensively in the first year of his life. The development will pass more effectively if to stimulate the brain. 


Creative hobbies


The children always want to know as much as possible of everything new and interesting about this world. And the game is still the main way to comprehend it.


Proper rest


The regular rest is very important for a child's mind. It is important to fill the child's room with items that will not only encourage him to seek knowledge and development, but also to relax and rest.


All children are different. Some as introverts need a quiet corner where they will be able play or read alone and absorbedly, others as extroverts always need company for games and socializing. Everyone needs different objects for development, play and rest, so it's not necessary to select only the most modern and always new objects; sometimes there is nothing more beloved then shabby Teddy bears or bitten rattles.


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