Decorate interiors by vases: advices from designers

Beautiful vase located in the right place can significantly transformed the interior
Simpple way to decorate interior



 A lot of people consider vases as a survival of the past or simple knickknacks without thinking.


The vases are put in the cabinets with full of dishes and taken out several times per year in the best case. In fact, this view is wrong.


Beautiful vase located in the right place can significantly transformed the interior and make it unique, especially a warm.





But, a lot depends on the vase, the material from which it is made, its size and shape. It is important to place all collected vases right and tasteful.

The variety of shapes and materials for vases

There is a huge variety of vases. They are different fantastic shapes:for flowers and just as decoration, from glass and ceramics. Modern vases made from all materials: wood and wicker, glass and metal. You can find vases made from different metals: plastic, bamboo, rattan, etc. You can find the most amazing shapes of vases  in the shops and exhibitions: with long necks, big-bellied, flat and round, the unusual shape of the curve, rectangular, in the form of pots or bowls and other. If you have a desire to add of diversity to the interior, then will pay attention to such a great opportunity and use the vases.

How will choose the vase?

Vases can stand on the floor or on the table
Decoration by vases


 The huge variety of something interferes to make the right choice sometimes. In the case of vases you need to know definitely where the vase will stand: on a table or on the floor and how it will be used.

You shouldn't mystify to collect vases in one style.

The completely different vases may be even in the same room in different places.

When you choose accessories for the rooms it is worth to take into account your furniture. 



Floor and table vases


 In fact, these vases can be distinguished apart by the height only. The height of floor lamps starts from 40 sm. Those vases that are below don't look so effectively at the floor. They are best put on the small tables, racks or shelves. The quite small vases are placed in plain sight, on the tables, window sills and other places, where there will be noticeable and will decorate the interior.


Also it is necessary to distinguish between the vase shape to correctly position of vase and what you want to put into it. For example, bouquet of dried flowers or one flower will look good in a vase with a long neck, you can put sprigs also. If you have a large bouquet, it is better to put in a vase with a wide mouth and a decent volume. In the end, it's not necessarily to put something to the vase; it can be just element of decoration.


Add brightness to your style

You can decorate interior by vases, if it is not sufficiently bright, given the variety of shapes and especially colors of vases. Someone uses a variety of lighting fixtures, carpets and pillows, but vase many times better for this purpose. The vase it's decoration or element of decoration scheme that you can easy change in the indoor or outdoor apartment. 

Selection of vases color


You should pick the color to your liking, not get hung up on some rules. It should only take into account the characteristics and color of the furniture. Even vase of some color can great to fit any background of wall, thus becomes a stylish addition. But this is not difficult to pick up accessories in color with furniture and walls, a vase may have 3-5 colors. Plus, you can purposely in the same room to place a vase of different colors and shapes, and believe  it will make the originality of the interior space.


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