Designed to move

healthy passion for physical activity inculcated from the childhood
outdoor activities

Physical activity is a necessary condition for the development of the child's organism.

The healthy passion for physical activity as well as the love for design inculcated from the childhood.

And if physical culture is a health pledge then beautiful things in everyday life are a pledge of beautiful future. Because a person surrounded by beauty in childhood is unlikely to retreat from these canons over time. 


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Design for kids nutrition

right nutrition
any work moves forward in a game form


If you strengthen a balanced diet with harmoniously designed objects, the benefits will be only increased.


After all, positive emotions are as important for a growing organism as vitamins and microelements.



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Design for growth

A child's brain develops most intensively in the first year of his life
game and development

Psychologists affirm that the formation of people's tastes takes place in the first years of their life.

And the surrounding world of a child plays not the last role in such an important process.


A lot of designers accepted the challenge of humanity and now create objects that are able to become a worthy environment for the young generation in each moment of their life full of impressions. 

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Useful devices for the peace of parents mind. 

new devices for BabyBoom



 The first few weeks with your newborn are often the toughest.


The slightest sound of discomfort from your baby can result in you lying awake for hours next to the crib listening for their breathing.

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