Unusual kitchen gadgets

kitchen gifts
kitchen gifts


“If you can't take the heat, then get out of the kitchen” - these creative kitchen gifts are perfect for those of us who slave away in these hottest of hells to make our friends and loved ones the tastiest of food.


When the going gets tough, these tools will bring a smile to the toughest cook's face.





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Decorate interiors by vases: advices from designers

Beautiful vase located in the right place can significantly transformed the interior
Simpple way to decorate interior



 A lot of people consider vases as a survival of the past or simple knickknacks without thinking.


The vases are put in the cabinets with full of dishes and taken out several times per year in the best case. In fact, this view is wrong.


Beautiful vase located in the right place can significantly transformed the interior and make it unique, especially a warm.





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Simple way to improve your interior.


There are several ways how to improve boring interiors fast and without special efforts. One of this way just buy bright design armchair.


What can be easy then make chair or armchair? It won't be so interesting if modern furniture designers don’t develop furniture captivating by design but also by comfort and functionality.

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 Beautiful table lamps in interior design

table lamp
table lamp


      Table lamp is a full value element of the interior, along with other types of lighting. It has not only an illumination function but is also an important part of the decor of the room. You should take into account the style of interior when select table lamp. Interior spaces can be decorated in different styles today: high-tech, modern, country, urbanism, classic, province, and other styles and a variety of table lamps allow to choose them to any style of interior.



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Recommendations of designers for New Year decoration of the apartment interior.

 New Year decoration
New Year decoration


   On the threshold of New Year celebration transmew always into the most wonderful time.


It’s why this time returns adults to childhood time at least awhile period and gives possibilities children to meet with  fairytale again.





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Behind the scenes of cooking

design of utensils are  important for the kitchen and table,
design for the kitchen and table

 It’s much more interesting to deal with cheerful and bright kitchenware, rather than gloomy gray utensils.

 Good mood in the kitchen is important as in any other place.

After all, dishes prepared with the heart and with the elements of improvisation, differ favorably from these created with the best of recipes, but in a gloomy mood.



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Dress up Interiors

Dress up Interiors from CSDesignCompany


 Decorative fashion keeps up with the latest trends in design and fashion industry.


 The bold combinations of a style variety, materials and colors allow you to create mood with the help of textile and decors, thanks to which you would like to return the interior again and again.

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The project Fast&Cheap is a qualitatively, quickly and affordably. 

interior project  Fast&Cheap
project Fast&Cheap



We would like to share one of our projects.


 In this time СSDesignCompany creates design project for interactive retail chain Fast&Cheap.



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