Sustainable cosmetic packaging

Design of packaging for SOU cosmetic
Design of sustainable cosmetic packaging

Shaped like a droplet of water, Natura SOU packaging also allows you to squeeze and slide out every last drop so that not a pinch is wasted.


It is challenge to develop a new product focused on mass market for the offering a high-quality product with affordable price. 

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Ways to Use Face Masks

the most common complaints in four different combinations
face masks



 You don't have to use just one face mask at a time. Double up and you'll be able to solve multiple skin care problems at once. Try these method get better skin, fast.


    Face masks are great because they're packed with highly concentrated ingredients meant to focus on a single thing — to detox pores, brighten dull areas, quench dry skin — really well and really fast. 




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Did you know these lipsticks facts?




        Lipstick facts may not be of interest to many but here are a few that just might make you think.

There are certainly a lot of ladies (and a few gents) that just want apply lipstick and get on about their business, but lipstick has revealed some interesting trivia through its evolution. There are many more than we've included here and most with a historical significance that predates 5,000 BC






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