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design of utensils are  important for the kitchen and table,
design for the kitchen and table

 It’s much more interesting to deal with cheerful and bright kitchenware, rather than gloomy gray utensils.

 Good mood in the kitchen is important as in any other place.

After all, dishes prepared with the heart and with the elements of improvisation, differ favorably from these created with the best of recipes, but in a gloomy mood.



There’s space for an easy joke in the elegant and restrained interior of the kitchen or the dining room. It is quite possible to afford joke showing your sense of style. Modern manufacturers of homemade dishes offer objects in bright colors with floral or oriental ornaments.

Ergonomics and aesthetic component in the design of utensils are  important for the kitchen and table, 

whether for home or restaurant. Today, designers combine colors, shapes, textures, materials and technology to provide the new unique products. The creative searches as creative as they can be are often based on three technologies making dishes - ceramic, glass and plastic.

What once was a lump of clay is made into a work of art.

Humans have learned to make clay utensils 11 thousand years ago yet. Thus was born the ceramics and pottery. The modern ceramics is divided into three types: porcelain, ceramics, stone and clay pottery or faience. They are characterized by a mixture of clay and firing process. Any porcelain object begins its journey with the idea in the mind of the master. The plaster models are made on the pottery disc after series of precision layouts. The masters make the industrial casting mold from plaster, rubber or plastic with help of these ready-made models. Plaster is poured into casting mold. Production models are made from plaster after they have dried for production of ceramic products. 

Various mixtures of clay are poured into the models, baked in kilns at high temperature and pressure, whereby the product is solidified. The ceramics is coated with glaze to give luster to it. Ceramics can cover different mixtures of colors and glaze, exposing multiple firing and drying according to the technological processes depending on the ceramics.

Glass products production














The components of the mixture are charged into a blast furnace. The main part of the mixture is silica sand and crystalline solid, making glass transparent, also ash soda, recycled glass, and other components are added. The mixture is heated to the melting temperature over 1500 degrees. The result is a glass melt, which will be in the furnace in 24 hours. Then, glass melt is cut at the output to drops, which descend at special cooling water channels in the forms having the form of future dish ware. Special piston crushes a drop in form and cool products, so they do not lose shape. The next process - roasting products at temperatures up to 1000 C. Fire melts the edges, making them smoother, and then products are cooled under pressure. Products are sent to the kiln, if wares are refractory, where several cycles of heating and cooling harden glass, which makes it refractory.

Production of plastic utensils.


Tableware appears through a process of thermoforming. At first automatic system load pellets into the extruder, if the utensils are colorful, the color pigments are added. The extruder heats the granules to a melting temperature, and then passes through the press; where the plastic sheet is comes out from. It will be sent into the furnace for heating to a plastic state. Then sheet enters the thermoforming machine, where the machine presses out product according to the forms. The sheet with squeezed products is sent to cutting out from a common sheet. High-quality plastic ware depends on the composition of plastic from which it is produced.

Appropriate Tableware - an important life choice for everyone.

Any dish is twice as tasty if a delightful meal involves also food for the soul. Striving for harmony of form and content brings together innovative food design with traditional brands, which formed the culture of sophisticated table appointments for centuries.



Cast iron pans, rectangular cutting boards and other utensils are able to catch up with sad longing even on the culinary enthusiast. Caring and inventive designers try to correct the situation, directing its efforts to ensure that the process of cooking and eating would be to also obtain aesthetic pleasure.

Full cup

The cups are one of the most popular gifts for any holidays and the most popular souvenirs brought from travels. The original cup usually displays the character of its owner. Psychologists might make portrait of the individual, on the basis of height, volume, thickness and colors of their favorite cup. Good tea party gives a feeling of comfort and tranquility, offering the opportunity to talk or think.

On a platter


The strict stratification presented in each set, gives a sense of stability. Plates are an excellent and very broad canvas for the designer's creativity out of the whole variety of dishes; sometimes they develop into collectibles. Plates are an excellent and very broad canvas for the designer's creativity from a whole variety of dishes, sometimes developing into object of collectibles. And work on the improvement takes place in all dimensions and areas: from form to the concept.


Chin Chin

The challenge to create a wine glass or goblet puts the designer in the narrow confines. The length of the legs, the bulge wall, texture of the material – these are all available techniques. Only honed skills and a sense of humor sometimes help to win circumstances.

These winemakers and connoisseurs of red and white alcoholic beverage know that their work should be drunk from special dishes. The forms and varieties of wine glasses capture the imagination of its variety.  Drinks are more delicious in the beautiful glasses.

What to eat with

Popular culture leads to a simplification of etiquette, gradually reducing the processes of food just to stave off hunger. Ergonomics is extremely important in the design of the cutlery. The field is very limited for creative experimentations. The talent of the master, who managed on the basis of simple and convenient form to create something special is higher valued.

By taste

Today, a lot of conflicting information is about the benefits and dangers of spices. But in each house there is at least a minimum set of them. Many variations of the salt cellars and pepper shakers can be used for the feeding and storage of spices from inventive designers.

Comfortable, beautiful and high-quality cookware can be an occasion to learn culinary skills for someone. The new pan or whisk - generally the best gift can be for a man who already loves to cook.

Sellers of ware know that the main thing to give customers is worthy as much as possible of a range for different events and destinations, so try to fill it with remarkable utensils for every taste and financial opportunities of customers. From simple and affordable, but always necessary plates, cups, forks and spoons to the more sophisticated and expensive utensils or unusual gourmet products.

CSDesignComapny will help not only with the unique design of tableware, but also with its manufacturing and delivery.

We cooperate with different manufacturers of plastic, ceramic, glass and metal utensils for the kitchen, which gives us the opportunity to optimize not only the content of the collections for customers, but also to minimize the cost of its production and delivery.


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