Accessory Trends: shawls and scarves.

shawls and scarves
shawls and scarves



     Scarves have been known since ancient times. They were a fashion accessory for clothing and protection from the cold also. Similarly today they can do as a practical role in human life and to be an accessory that emphasizes style and elegance of women and men. It would seem that the scarf is simple and inelaborate dress element but here are great opportunities to experiment with style. 


Scarves can be different shapes. Among them distinguish the simple rectangular scarves, snudy varieties, which have the shape of a tube. There are also scarves, triangles, which resemble a large scarf. These accessories can be self-colored, striped, with straight or slanted edges or fringe decorated of different form. An excellent choice would be scarf-transformer, which can be used for its intended purpose and as a cape overhead. At all times long scarves are popular especially.

 Scarves are distinguished by the materials from which they are made. They can be made from very light chiffon; warm knitted are perfect for winter. Cashmere, silk, pashmina and even velvet textiles are used for scarves production

The demand for scarves is increased as expected.

Currently, the market of scarves has become international and it has great demand. Scarves have many advantages in the international market in quality, fashionable style, etc. And now it is divided into three large sections in relation to the needs of different countries.

The first section is the South East Asian market. Southeast Asian scarves mainly are light and thin. Scarves play decorative role in Southeast countries and are less in demand than in other places, because most countries in the region with a temperate climate with a short winter season there.

The second section is the European market. The climate is more severe in the most Western countries and in the North America, the winter there is longer, colder and scarves are in great demand. However, customers from the United States and Europe more monitor the quality and style of scarves than clients from the Middle East. Most European and American customers are not too concerned about the price and a wide choice of styles; they need the most popular models of this year. In addition, requirements to packaging products are also high, especially to large cargo.

The third section is the Muslim market. This section is quite big. Currently there are approximately 40,000 merchants’ transactions each year, according to incomplete statistics, and the activity of traders increases in the market. There is high demand for scarves and turbans from Arabs and Muslims. They buy scarves not for warming, so scarves have little effect on sales of the season, and demand for them is always stable from Middle East buyers. And as we know the demand stimulates the proposal.

Production technology of scarves

The technology of manufacturing scarves is not difficult. To get the original scarf by sketches, you must select the desired fabric, to give it the correct size and produce dye-sublimation printing. Satin, crepe satin, deshin most often used for making scarves because they look great, they have a pleasant texture and good "hold" image. As for sizes of a future scarf, they are dependent entirely on the willingness of the customer. Sublimation printing allows you to create multi-color and high-definition images which are fixed to the product securely. You have the opportunity not only to transfer your ideas on the fabrics but also to consult with our experts to help you choose the best design solution in the case of the manufacture of scarves under order.

1.      Reconciliation, development and approval of the layout with the customer;

2.      Production of controlling samples;

3.      Coordination and approval of the sample with the customer; start edition in production;

4.      Manufacturing of production batch: pattern, drawing the image on cut, assemblage, wet-heat processing and packaging;

5.      Shipment of the finished product to the customer.

Types of production technology of scarves:

- Computer (machine) embroidery

- Laser  application 

-  Serigraphy 

- Sublimation printing

- Knitting

Why the demand for scarves and shawls is always there?

Shawls, scarves and other similar products are bought excellently by representatives of both sexes. Why?

1.      Women cannot pass by the beautiful painted scarves, shawls. They want to have them a lot for different outfits, events and mood. Sometimes while making spontaneous purchases.

2.      Men find in accessories for clothing rather simple way to make a great gift to the female. At the same time, without the risk to be mistaken with the size.

3.      Accessories for gifts and souvenirs.

The most entrepreneurs are given the classic questions: how to do it, where to get the goods, and what is better to offer to the clients?

One of the options of products for selling, serve clothing accessories: scarves, shawls, stoles, and other arafatki.

Why? It’s very simple. There is no need to get some complex certificates and licenses for these products, it is compact and budget products for deliver.


You can buy wholesale scarves, shawls cooperating with the CSDESIGN COMPANY, without worrying about the quality at the same time, successfully competing in the price. And while scarves and shawls are always in demand

What do you gain by cooperating with CSDESIGN COMPANY?



CSDESIGN COMPANY is working with thousands of manufacturers and suppliers from around the world, offering more than two million different products.


We can offer our customers favorable terms:

- Reasonable prices, we are not overpaying intermediaries

- Various price categories

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- Delivery anywhere in the world.

We study and analyze fashion trends of the market seriously. We know exactly that products are needed and that will be a bestseller, according years of experience in sales of our partners, including its own retail network, where we have feedback from the consumers.


We won't just buy your products at the best prices in the market, we will advise you also future trends of fashion seasons, as well as provide you with the analysis the most current models with high demand.

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