The mostpopular clothes in the world are jeans.



It is unlikely that among the people there is a person who does not have a pair of jeans. 


They are comfortable and practical; it’s warm in them in the fall and not hot in the summer.

Jeans can be worn to work, out for a walk or even on holiday, you can safely come in smart jeans. A female figure in stretch jeans is no less tempting than in a short skirt.


In addition, a large number of existing styles and models makes a pleasant variety of your wardrobe and makes jeans really fashionable.

The market of jeans expects steady   growth.

The role of the everyday clothes increases in the consumers’ life and that of formal wardrobe is gradually reduced. The segment of jeans clothes differs by stable demand and is resistant to crises on the market, «it shows a 15% growth in relation to the crisis year. According to forecasts jeans clothes market is a market that expects a steady growth: approximately 40% over the next 5 years.»

     Most experts agree that an important resource in the sale of jeans is an online trade, which actually becomes an equal distribution channel that allows to increase and to process orders more effectively.

Jeans are truly fashionable and comfortable clothing for children and teenagers.














Jeans for children are no less popular than for adults and even surpass them in the number of those wishing to wear fashionable jeans. It’s comfortable to learn in jeans, it’s convenient to go out with friends, they are convenient for all extracurricular activities. They are no less fun to play after school especially since they are much more durable than trousers and able to withstand any "blows of fate": crawling over fences, falling from roller skates, hit the bicycle chain and much, much more. And it is not even saying that jeans are wildly popular at least last 30 years.

Any mom tries to find not just a beautiful model but also not inexpensive when choosing jeans for children. Because children grow quickly and for every season need a new pair. 


The production process of jeans manufacturing.

1.      At the beginning of the production process the models of the future jeans are developed. The templates of future patterns appear at this stage. Special programs are often used for the templates creations that allow you to avoid mistakes and create patterns with great accuracy.

2.      Further patterns are made in the cutting out department. Ready-made templates are arranged on the canvas fabric and according to them the details of the future jeans are cut out. At this stage programs are often used for optimal positioning of the patterns on the fabric.

3.      The process of tailoring jeans includes a set of operations from the processing of individual parts to the final assembly and finishing of completed jeans. The technological process of sewing comprises includes various processing operations of the individual parts and components of the product and their assembly into the finished model. At this stage the quality control is very important, since the mistake in this operation can cause irreparable damage to the entire product.

4.      The next step is a washing. It is very important in the production of jeans. The step of washing may include not only immediate washing with enzymes or with pumice but brew jeans in various solutions. All this gives jeans a kind of a little bit worn look and makes the fabric more soft and pleasant to wear.

5.      Worn effect can be increased by mechanical or chemical treatment. For example «Brush» is a creation worn effect; «Destroy» is a deformation of the individual fibers of the fabric to form abrasions and holes. Here the airbrush bleaching or dying can be used when bleach or paint is applied to the jeans. At this stage or at the end of it rhinestones and other decorative elements are applied to the jeans.

6.      Further the jeans are ironed.  This is not trivial ironing. At the stage of final ironing the quality of finished jeans is checked. It's kind of the final technical inspection.

7.      There is another stage of the production of jeans - the packaging of completed jeans. If jeans are not designed to send large wholesale quantities after production, the step of packaging in the manufacture is given a lot of attention. After all, the packaging makes the first impression of the product.


Production of jeans like any other production requires quality control at all steps.

The client is faced with many issues and problemsdeciding to launch a new brand of jeans or buy a ready-made goods in the factories,

Before you select the right company for the production of jeans, each client needs to know the following:

1) Having a special certificate from the factory

2) What is used in the production of cotton?

3) Quality Standards

4) What kind of cotton is better? From Egypt, India or Uzbekistan?

5) The density of jeans?

6) How to achieve the desired prime cost?

All of these issues as well as many other arise. СSDesignCompany due to many years of experience of its partners is able to resolve these tasks. We directly cooperate with factories in Bangladesh, Vietnam, China, Turkey and with others jeans clothes producers. Their low cost is due to the use of cheap labor and modern equipment and allows us to pursue profitable pricing policy to attract new customers.

- We will help you find the best variant of production with saving quality of products,

- We will offer a variety of design options,

- With complex orders in manufacturing, we can not only control the entire production process, but to make changes in time,

- We verify compliance with all standards of quality,

- Pack according to requests,

- Deliver to the desired address.



 We are focused on long-term cooperation for mutual benefit and always welcome new clients.

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