7 ideas for design of creative packaging.




In the goods flow manufacturers strive not only to complete the product by memorable packaging but also to manufacture ergonomic, easy to use interface that will:





  • beneficially emphasize the advantages of the product,
  • favor its storage and transportation,
  • distinguish the product from analogues in the market.


We are ready to share what inspires CSDesignCompany for creating packages:


           1. The nature – the main source of inspiration.

Thyself nature cherishes their creations, creating an immaculate and unique envelops.

Using this source, you always can find a variety of variants to create harmonious, gorgeous and interesting packages. By this source used designer Maxim Arbuzov when creating honeycomb packaging for honey. Read more

           2. Economy  and rational use.

Of course, in many cases, the packaging is just a wrapper for the core product, its life is not long but it does not mean that the creation of such a package is an easy task. To keep together a few parameters such as the low cost of materials and manufacturing, ease the process of consumption and transportation, ease of utilization with an attractive appearance and optimum price is no easy task. One such example is the packaging for liquid soap Sou, the development of the design studio Questto Tatil Design from Brazil; it is ergonomic, economical and nice.

          3. Simplicity.

Simple does not mean boring, and the example of that is a simple but original packaging of a designing kit for cardboard plane Turbo Flyer from the American manufacturer Tait - cellular cardboard, non-toxic ink and a lot of fun for fans of airplanes and manual labor.

           4. Additional options.

The package also can serve not only as a means for storage or transportation, but also have additional options. Standard Dress Shirt is one example of such an ingenious package, when the shirt is not only easy to unpack but also to pack back, not only in the store, but also at home. It can be used as a simple and easy hanger, which is very convenient for traveling.


          5. Originality.

Surprisingly, the original design solutions of a package emphasize the properties and idea of the main product. As such, the packaging of sneakers for running Pure from Brooks brand - wooden, lightweight and compact tube with a lid.

          6. Compact.

Compact packaging is always easy to transport and storage, especially if it is something large and bulky. For example, furniture from IKEA or the desk from Charles Parford- Plant - easy to sell via the Internet, send orders to customers, convenient to carry such a package and assemble their own items.

          7. New technology. 

New technologies in the production of materials allow to realize sharp and unusual ideas for packages. Tomorrow Machine Design Studio has developed new impressive materials based on organic products for a series of packages, "This too shall pass."

Food and packaging with the same expiration date.


And which of those ideas do you like the most?

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