What the CSDesignCompany does? We are complicated and scale company, which develops simple and competitive B2B solutions.



CSDesignCompany cooperates with companies worldwide choose the best business partners for implementations projects of different levels of complexity.



The company's team CSDesignCompany is not only experts in the development of industrial and product design; it is also experienced buyers, marketers and logistics. 


Due to the coordinated work of different departments possible quality implementation of the full range of services - from design goods, global sourcing, manufacturing prototypes and mock-ups, its serial production to various delivery options worldwide on request.



We are a complicated and large-scale company that develops simple and competitive solutions for our customers:

  • connect

CSDesignCompany helps participants to different markets - retail, hotel, restaurant business to optimize business processes with the ability to focus on their main business.




We are a company that connects producers and traders helping to find the optimal and advantageous solutions for all parties. Taking requests for the design of the product, its production and delivery of different customers, we optimize them and place into productions that are most appropriate for the level of equipment for the manufacture of products or combine different manufacturers in order to optimize the cost of production and quality requirements.

Also under requests CSDesignCompany finds necessary goods or raw materials, and delivers to customers anywhere in the world.

Significant advantage of full service CSDesignCompany - from design, its implementation and delivery options to customers, gives our clients to discover new sources of income, cross-selling opportunities and integration with other industry players.


  • provide quality service

CSDesignCompany thoroughly finds out the needs of our customers to create products and services that help our clients to increase market share and the loyalty of their customers.




CSDesignCompany thoroughly finds out the needs of our customers to create products and services that help our clients to increase market share and the loyalty of their customers.

Developed by CSDesignCompany design of goods - clothes, shoes, furniture, furnishings, goods for pregnant women, babies and children - is not just a unique product, is a competitive goods, created under the specific requests of the client, with the necessary requirements for quality.

In the developing design taken to attention demands to raw and materials, the need for additional accessories, conformity of production capacities for the manufacture of various parties of products.

In addition to the design, CSDesignCompany also provides services to control the production and delivery, packaging and complete sets.

This is as a design and delivery to retailers around the world or decorating and equipment of the hotels and restaurants chains, as well as the subsequent making sets and a breakdown into smaller party with delivery to the customer's chains.


  • partnership building

СSDesignCompany builds relationships with all our business partners and clients on the principle of win-win and adheres to the development of long mutually beneficial relationship for all parties.




When we choose our new partners our solutions are based on many parameters such as working conditions, quality standards, internal control systems and general business conduct. Only after a personal meeting and a final audit, we decide whether they are able to satisfy our requirements and whether we can start long-term cooperation.

In our daily work we always focus on the improvement of cooperation with our partner factories for compliance with the business of manufacturing quality and efficiency. СSDesignCompany always looking for new partners that can improve the quality proposed by us, can offer new innovative products in our range and to provide the best prices for our clients.


  • management

CSDesignCompany always striving to understand the business of our partners and customers and offer the most appropriate solutions. Our products and services has broad functionality and contribute optimization of business-processes, reduce costs and by decreasing profits.



If you are:

  • Producer of clothes, shoes, toys, furniture, goods for home and business and ready to offer  your  services for the production of our orders or you need a unique raw materials and components,
  •  Distributor, retail chain or online shops and your search for the unique gods,
  • Chain of the hotels, restaurants who are looking for constant contractors to develop collections for decorating and equipping their facilities.


CSDesignCompany will be your reliable partner who not only find everything you need taking into account all your wishes of cost and quality but also a convenient way to delivere in the necessary place for you.




CSDesignCompany always glads to  new business contacts and complex tasks. We are open to discuss different types of cooperation.

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